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A busy week – Newsletter 1

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Happy Friday! You’re reading my first brief weekly newsletter, which I will publish every Friday to give you an update of my week of thrills and spills in Spain! Friday is my recovery day from training, so it’s a perfect day for me to write.


Tomorrow will be the first race of the season. I’m really buzzing to get started, and I’m ready to race and give it my all, no matter what. It is a two day race… a 105km flat race on Saturday, and Sunday is a 150km mountain race. Follow my tweets!


It has been the busiest week I’ve had in Spain, as I’ve started working as an English teacher for children, and it’s a lot of fun teaching Spanish children how to speak English! The job is perfect for me, as the work is in the evenings, so it does not affect my training – but I’m looking for clients on a Friday afternoon, which would make good use of my rest day.

In the mornings I can’t start training until 8.30am due to the crazy rush-hour caffeine-crazed drivers! Usually I would go out training at 6:30am, the calm before the traffic storm, but now with working in the evenings that is not possible.


Also, the team manager Ivan David has selected me for the team to race in the first Copa De Espana (Cup of Spain) next week, which wasn’t on my provisional calendar. I was chosen after showing him my performance up the climb on team training day a couple weeks ago. So I’m thrilled to be selected!


Okay, that’s it folks! Now I’m going out for a gentle ride before packing my stuff for the race. The race report will be up on Monday.

Hasta la vista baby!




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