33 Clásica Ciudad de Torredonjimeno

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After a 3 week Easter break it was time to race again, and we took the 350km drive to Torredonjimeno for the 160 km Copa de Espana mountain race, the 33 Clásica Ciudad de Torredonjimeno.

The first part of the race was a hectic with quite a lot of attacks going off, including myself, but the teams at the front wouldn’t let me get away. My two team mates Christian and Álvaro did manage to get away, and were in a fair sized breakaway group for quite a long time until the first big category 1 climb.


Today my role in the team was to support Ignacio who is our best climber, and we needed to get him to the front ready for the climb, so by the time we hit the climb my legs were a bit hammered from the work in the bunch. I paced myself on the climb and let the riders go ahead, but I would catch them again further up the climb as their effort slowed as they run out of steam.

But it was the next category 2 climb that was the killer, and eventually I was in a big group with my team mate Christian, while Ignacio and Alonso were up ahead. The race exploded on this climb, resulting in many separate groups, with Ignacio crossing the line in 78th at 9.49 behind the winner, Alonso in 85th at 12.02, me and Christian at 114th & 115th, both at 18.46.


It was another hard mountain race today, but I did enjoy the race. The start of the race was a bit chilly with a rain shower, but later on it was baking hot, especially on the climb. I’m happy with my performance, which is strong, especially on the flat, but mountain climbing is still work in in progress.

Looking forward to the next race!


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33 Clásica Ciudad de Torredonjimeno





































































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