46 Memorial Valenciaga - Eibar

46th Memorial Valenciaga – Eibar

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The Memorial Valenciaga is one of the most prestigious and hardest Elite U23 races in Spain, and is based in Eibar, in the Basque Country, which is quite a drive from Madrid. It is part of the Copa de Espana (Spanish Cup), also a very prestigious competition, and with 8 mountains on a 164km course, this is a race for pure mountain climbers.


It was a rainy race, and my objective was to get in a breakaway, I had good legs for it. However, the pace was too fast at the front to attack, so I was holding my position at the front ready for the first climb.

I’ve raced here last year, it was one of the hardest races of the season for a non-climber. To compare the speed, today was definitely faster than last year, lots of riders were dropping out at the back in the first 30km, as well as the first climb, but I was managing to stay with the peloton.


But with the treacherous rainy conditions, and all of the crashes I have been caught up in recent races, I was overly-cautious on the wet descent, and because of this, although I was passing slower riders, I began losing contact with the peloton.

So in the next 70-80km I was battling to  to catch the peloton. I didn’t eat or drink for an hour and half, because I didn’t have time as I was constantly going at full effort in the chase. I caught the peloton, but I had burnt my matches in the process, and my legs were seized, so I lost contact again on the next climb.


I won’t be racing for the next 2 weekends as it’s the Easter break, so it’s a good time now to take stock and re-focus.



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46 Memorial Valenciaga - Eibar





















46 Memorial Valenciaga - Eibar




46 Memorial Valenciaga - Eibar























46 Memorial Velenciaga - Eibar




46 Memorial Valenciaga - Eibar






















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