Race 4 - 70th Trofeo Ciclismo Iberdrola

70th Trofeo Ciclismo Iberdrola – Zamora

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This 151km Elite Sub 23 race was based in Zamora, which is a 2.5 hour drive from Madrid. I raced here last year, and that wasn’t a good memory to keep, as I face-planted the tarmac in a big way. It wasn’t nice. After recovering from my recent shoulder injury and flu last week, I wasn’t expecting anything but to finish the race.

I certainly didn’t expect to have a mechanical problem, this time the chain was stuck in between the pulley and the cage of the rear derailleur. I could have sorted it out, but I knew that it most likely wouldn’t be reliable later on in the race, so I ordered a team bike from the team car. It was all done very quickly. No problem.

I will say again that the team bike (Giant Advanced Propel) is mighty impressive, I could tell the difference right away, and I was producing much more power due to the stiffness of the frame. I was charging my way back to the peloton. I went full gas, and I was absolutely spent when I finally caught the peloton.


I still wanted to finish the race. The weather was hot, about 22 degrees. It did affect me, and I needed to drink a lot of water, much more than usual. On saying that, I was on a bike with only 1 bottle cage, so drinking water was limited for me, even when I went back to the team car as many times as I could.


There was a nasty crash on the fast descent. It happened near the front of the peloton, and there were riders lying on the ground screaming! One of them was holding his collarbone. Not nice. There was me shouting to the riders to get out of the way, as I didn’t want to lose the group. During cycling races, sympathies aren’t allowed! But I do feel their pain, yes I did when I saw them on the ground.

So we had to chase back to the peloton on the climb, which was a bit of torture, but I was very aggressive today and I was giving it all to get back in the peloton. After gritting my teeth, I manged to get back in the peloton again, but this time it was smaller, as a lot of riders had been dropped.


I positioned myself well during the crosswind, before turning left into a descent, then a big main climb. This was the road where I crashed last year, so I was extremely alert to see what was going on ahead…

CRASH! This happened right behind me, and my teammates were involved…

CRASH! again! This happened in front of me, at the front of the peloton, which was very unusual. I quickly reacted, and narrowly missed the crash, but I lost lot of places…

CRASH! again, in front of me. Why do they keep crashing in the crosswind!? It was devastation.


The gap was opening between my group and the lead group. The gap was getting wider and wider, while we were trying to chase them down, even though my group was very big. When we were climbing, I was the 3rd rider in the group behind my team mates Ignacio and Alonso. They were going full power! Pure climbers. But I was climbing comfortably at tempo, and the rhythm was good for me.

But I was already in serious dehydration, and no other riders had water for me. My throat was extremely dry, and I couldn’t breathe. I tried to focus and I ignored it. Then POP! I immediately got dropped. My legs were strong, but I just couldn’t breath. When the team car finally arrived, I was just squirting the water down,and on my dry lungs! Then magic appeared, as my body re-energized. I was sprinting and trying to catch the group, but the group was very big, and they were trying to chase down the peloton.

A few other riders and me were working together to finish the race. I was on my limit all the way through, and I needed more water, but the team car was now ahead of me, so it was ‘catch 22’.


Eventually I did finish the race on my own, with quite a lot of riders behind me. I finished in 90th place at 7.20 on the classification. In fun I punched my hand in the air when crossing the finish line, and the crowd were loving it! When I got off the bike my mind was all over the place, totally disorientated. I needed water! I didn’t have any energy at all, and I was going to collapse. The heat hit me really hard.


Nevertheless, I did enjoy the race, it was fun and I didn’t expect anything. Despite my recent injury and illness, I’m glad my performance was strong today.

Now I’m ready for the next race on Tuesday in Ontur, but first I need to rest tonight!


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Race 4 in Zamora







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