Boarding the flight at Bristol Airport

A New Day

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Finally the day had arrived to fly to Madrid. I had been preparing for a week, well actually that’s a lie, it was on Sunday evening when I began to prepare… for my Monday flight! I was hoping that my bike bag and luggage would be packed before teatime, but it was 2am before my bags were completed. We tried to cram as much stuff into the bike bag as we could (The bike bag limit is 32kg) but eventually we discovered that all the stuff wouldn’t fit in, so I had to leave most of it at home and let dad post them over to Madrid next week. It was a pretty stressful evening, but eventually it was done.


The drive up from Cornwall to Bristol airport was nice, with constant lovely sunshine. My excitement was starting to grow as I got closer to the airport, another new adventure I thought. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a window seat on the plane, but luckily someone was sitting in my seat, so I took her seat instead, and it turned out to be the row with extra leg room. Luxury!


The temperature wasn’t much different from England when I was waiting for my team manager Alfredo outside Madrid airport. It was good to see him again, and he still loves talking!

When we arrived at the apartment, Shelia the cat clearly remembered me, and she was purring like a lawnmower, while following me everywhere! I couldn’t resist but gave her a massive cuddle! But I was also absolutely knackered and needed to get some sleep.


The next day I woke up after a quality sleep, and I was feeling very productive and motivated to get things done. I unpacked the bike bag first, which didn’t take me long. Before assembling the bike, I decided to sort out my bedroom, so that it would all be ready, nice and tidy when I get back from my first day of the season training in Spain. Then I went back to my bike to finish it off, and as I was tightening the headset bolt, it snapped! I must’ve tightened it a bit too hard. I just couldn’t believe it that I had caused a problem on my first day in Spain. I thought to myself not to worry, as I can go to the bike shop to buy a new bolt. But it turned out that it was 2pm and all the shops are closed between 2 and 5.


I was getting a bit stressed out, as prior to this everything had been going smoothly. I also needed to do some food shopping, so I went to the supermarket to grab all the food I need for this week. Finally the time had reached 5pm, so I immediately cycled down to the shop and bought the headset bolt.


After all the messing about, I didn’t have enough time to do any proper training, so I only did an hour. While I was cycling in the city to the park, I forgot how heavy the smell of the fumes were coming off the cars. I wasn’t enjoying it, and it had been a really stressful day, so I was looking forward to tomorrow when I will cycle out of the city to the mountains to clear my mind!


There’s always a bit of stress and a few problems involved when you are travelling out alone, but it only takes a day or so to settle down, to iron out the problems, and to get started with a new routine.

Everyday is always a new day!



At Madrid Airport




Sheila the cat




Sheila checks my bike bag out




Back in Madrid for 2017




Me and Sheila









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