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Week of Recovery & Mechanics – Newsletter 4

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Happy Friday! It is indeed a happy Friday for me, as my shoulder is recovering very well. I can start doing easy exercising, such as press ups and lifting very light weight, to strengthen the shoulder muscle.


After my fall in the race last week, I was unable to use my arm the following day, so it hasn’t been an active week for me, although I needed to recover my body from hard training and racing, so it’s a perfect time, as next week was going to be a recovery week anyway. The only downside is that I won’t be racing the Copa de Espana in Murcia on Sunday due to my recovery. I raced there last year and it’s a great course.
It was a hard decision to make, but wisely, as I don’t want to worsen the injury by forcing myself – I want to race when I’m in 100% recovered with full strength, which I learned from last year’s mistake. So for this week, I wish my team good luck!


Earlier on this week, I couldn’t repair the bike due to lack of strength due to injury, so it was painful seeing the broken bike sitting by the wall every time I walked past it. Yesterday I could finally start repairing the bike. I didn’t take a picture of the bike, because I wouldn’t want you to see a disturbing image which would leave you in distress. It was that bad. I’ve changed my view to the bright side, it was just a minor scratch in my consciousness, it just needed a quick polishing, that’s all!


So, I ate a massive bowl of oats mixed with orange juice, the best breakfast ever! I Did bit of stretching, and then cracked on. It took me literally 9 hours to repair the bike… without eating food. Due to my lack of knowledge of maintenance of the bike, I challenged myself to repair it on my own. I used Youtube ‘How To…’ videos and occasionally asked Alfredo for advice or solutions.


The rear mech (rear gears) was bent, it was just totally messed up, and the chain was also twisted. It’s a good job that I’ve already got a spare chain and a spare hangar. I’ve also replaced the gear cable. I had to clamp the arm of the rear mech, then I tried bending it, and I was sweating like hell, thinking it was going to break. But it was successful, and now it’s like good as new, there’s no way that I was going to buy a new mech. There is always a solution in life.


After going through the war of fixing mechanicals, I eventually fixed it! The victory is mine! Now the bike is back in shape, although I don’t know how long for though! I’m very pleased, and I’m ready to start training today.


Tomorrow, Alfredo and I will be going to his country house in Avila for the night. It will be a good time to refresh my mind!


The weather is like British summer at the moment, and I’m currently writing this blog in my shorts and vest. Time to get tan lines!







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