Campeonato de Aragón Ruta Elite Sub23 – Calatayud

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Today we took the 3 hour drive north-east to Calatayud for the Campeonato de Aragón Ruta Elite Sub23.

I worked as a domestique for my team-mate Slahde Seale, although on the first short climb, which was at an intense pace, I was dropped with some other riders, but once we were on the flat I caught the peloton again.


I protected Slahde and took him to the front before the approach of the main 10km climb, and then we followed an attack, which became a 4-man breakaway group. I was doing a lot of work in the group, putting out full power so that my team mate could save his legs, which was good.


By the time we hit the big climb there was a chase coming from behind, which caught us, increasing our breakaway to a 10-man group. On the main climb I was at the front again, setting the tempo, but there were repeated attacks, which I managed to counter, by maintaining the tempo, but eventually the attackers succeeded, and our breakaway group was diminished. At this point my team mate Slahde attacked to follow their wheel. I tried to stay on the wheel to support him, but I couldn’t, so I locked into my tempo, and when I looked back, the peloton were still quite far behind.


I became isolated, and eventually I was caught by the peloton. There were continuous attacks from the peloton, and on the next climb, I was dropped, along with my team-mate Ivan and other riders, around 3km from the summit. We worked together up the climb and attempted to chase the peloton down at the summit, but because the peloton were chasing down the breakaway group, there was no way for us to catch them, and we finished the race as a groupetto.


I felt good sacrificing myself to do the work for my team mate, ultimately making a break for him. Unfortunately the peloton eventually caught Slahde’s breakaway group, and he finished in the main peloton in 31st place. My other team-mates had strong finishes… Alvaro finished 18th, and Ignacio finished 24th, with David in 37th, and Raul in 41st.

A rider from Fundacion Euskadi team took the win,with a Quick-Step Telco´M Gimex rider in 2nd place, and a Control Pack-Six2 Badia rider in 3rd place.


After the race, my team-mate Slahde thanked me for working for him, and he appreciated that I had made a break for him. In return, I felt honoured that I gave my best, to work for my compatriot, for the good of the team – and this is what our team needs, to work together more as a unit, for better results. So I’m very happy today.


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