Recovered and back to Racing – Newsetter 5

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Happy Saturday to you all! After 2 weeks since my last race I’m ready to get back into action tomorrow in Zamora, at the prestigious Trofeo Ciclismo Iberdrola, a 151km road race with small mountains. This is the race where I face-planted last year and ended up in hospital, so yes, I do have experience with this race!

My shoulder is now 100% recovered from my fall at the last race, so I can crash again without damaging it further! Although, I had a bit of illness this week. I stayed over for a night at Alfredo’s place up in Avila, and it was the coldest sleep I’ve had. I had 3 blankets on me. Unsurprisingly the next day I had a cold.

Anyway, in the race tomorrow I just want to help my teammates get results, and to finish the race. Then I will be ready for another race on Tuesday in Ontur, which I also competed in last year, and I’m really looking forward to it.

My team gave me an updated racing calendar, and my eyes widened as soon as I saw the endless races for this season, all the way until mid-October. It’s still early days, and it’s only March. I’m very confident for upcoming results. I’ve already updated my training plan, and setting goals. I want to come back home with empty spaces in my pockets, and with satisfaction and progression at the end of the season. Let’s do it!


My life in Madrid has been good… stressful at times, with the managing of training and work, but my mind is adapting. On Wednesday evening I was teaching a little girl about greetings in English, greetings such as Good morning, good afternoon, good night, nice to meet you, etc… I made a PowerPoint of it from scratch. After the girl has a knowledge of greetings, I made a challenge, so she had to say all the greetings as fast as possible! So I was timing her, first she did it, was 25 seconds, then after a few attempts, she did it in 4 seconds!! But that was one part when she couldn’t process the word, and it was all so quick. It was very funny moment. I haven’t laughed so hard for years, I was trying to control myself, but I just couldn’t, I was in tears. The girl was totally laughing her head off too! It went on for 10 minutes. It’s true when they say, ‘Laughter is a medicine’.

If you haven’t seen my YouTube videos, check them out and make sure you subscribe to my Youtube Channel! I’m getting the hang of the editing software, which has taken me a while to figure out, and I will keep uploading as many videos as I can, when I can edit the videos more quickly.

The race report will be up tomorrow or on Monday, stay in tune!



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