Putting in the miles on the coast road

Endurance up Gurnards Head

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Another long endurance ride up the coast road in the depths of Cornish winter. The winds over the tops are strong and constantly blowing in from the Atlantic, and a swirling mist keeps visibility down, especially up Eagles Nest. Gurnards head is a really cosy pub and does a good coffee and cake, but there was no time for stopping today as I had to keep the power constant.

A car and a camera joined me today. It’s always good to have some company as it’s a lonely slog over the moors for hours on end, and someone taking pictures helps to break the boredom. You can view the video clip below…


The coastal training road



Base training up Gurnards Head



The lonely old road



Putting in the miles on the coast road



Nearing the end of traing



Putting in the Sunday endurance miles






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