Training roads in Madrid

My First week of training in Spain

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One more sleep until the Equipo Pizzeria Espanola team launch presentation at Hotel Los Lanceros in El Escorial. I’m looking forward to see the team again, and of course meeting some new riders. The team is looking in good shape, with great sponsors, new team cars, new bikes, and decent riders. This year we’ll have no excuse to acheive good results, which I am very confident about.


I am also keeping my eye on the first race on the calendar in 3 weeks time. I don’t know what the race is like, but I know that it’s certainly going to be very cold, as it’s on the mainland, surrounding by mountains. I won’t have my full racing legs for that race yet as I’m following my training plan for April, as that’s the time when the racing does begin proper for me, according to my racing calendar. I will still give it all and achieve the best result I can!


I had some pleasure-time training in Spain this week, as I had forgotten how great the roads are! The muddy roads in Cornwall, England just made coming to train in Spain a luxury… well, maybe it isn’t such a luxury in the morning, when the temperature at this time of the year is just unreal! The cold for the first 10 to 15 minutes, before my body started to generate the warmth, was unbearable. Even though I was wearing full winter gloves, I couldn’t feel my hands after the first hour, so I had to stop if I wanted to get some food out of my back pockets. But when it got to around 11am, the temperate rises really quickly, and I soon forgot about the cold. After all, Penzance Wheeler Luke Pye said; “Cornwall is the new Caribbean!”


I think the weather is going to be super cold like this in Madrid for the next month or two, but I’m really grateful that it’s just so dry, compared to Cornwall, which means that I don’t need to clean my bike every day!




Cycling roads in Toledo




Training roads in Madrid








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