Alex crunching the data at Bike Science in Bristol

Fitness Test at Bike Science Bristol

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There’s less than a month left until I arrive in Madrid for the race season, not long to go!

Training is going good but there’s been a lot of bad weather down here in Cornwall. On a recent 5 hour ride it was raining hard and the winds were very strong, my gloves were soaking wet and couldn’t feel my hands for the last 3 hours, which was painful but it has to be done. It’s part of training, to go out and ride no matter what.

There’s also been a Flu bug going around west Cornwall in January, and I was ill in the first week, only for about 3 days though, and I had to force myself not to train and just rest, which was annoying, but there was no other choice. Anyway, at the moment I’m building my race machine, just need to get a few more bits then it’ll be ready to roll!

After some decent training over the winter I needed to know how much progress I’ve made, so I booked a lactate ramp test at Bike Science up in Bristol. I drove up with my dad, a lovely sunny but very cold day with blue skies, which made a change from all the rain we’ve been having, and it was a nice drive, around 4 hours.

Bike Science do a good level 2 Performance lactate ramp test, and it was good that Alex would be conducting the test, as he did my previous test back in July last year. The test went good and I got an idea of the improvements I’ve made, although I’m just waiting for the full test report so that I can study it in detail. So I’m pleased. Now I can focus on my first race and preparing for it, and hopefully get a good result too.


Alex taking blood to measure lactate at Bike Science, Bristol



Lactate ramp testing at Bike Science, Bristol



Level 2 Performance Testing at Bike Science, Bristol



Alex crunching the data at Bike Science ramp test in Bristol



More blood extraction at Bike Science level 2 ramp test



Level 2 Ramp Test at Bike Science, Bristol



Performance testing at Bike Science, Bristol






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