Lineup for GP Mojados 2017 - Valladolid

GP V Centenario Mojados – Valladolid

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Today I was up early and took the train out to El Escorial, where I met the team car for the onward journey to Valladolid for the race which was the GP V Centenario Mojados, in the town of Mojados, on a demanding route of 120 kilometers around the town, where there are six mountain passes, three flying goals, and a special sprint.


I have just been supplied with a new race bike from the UK, and it has been a rush to get it assembled and set up in time and ready for the race. Although the setup wasn’t quite right yet, the bike felt great, and I was in a break when unfortunately I had a mechanical problem where the chain kept coming off on the climb, and eventually the front mech wouldn’t shift onto the big ring. It was a bit of a wasted day, but I just had to put it down to teething problems with the new bike, and live to fight another day. Grrrrr!

After the race, our team mechanic stripped the chainset down and tried to work out what the problem was, ready for tomorrows race.


I was back home really late, and it was straight to bed ready for the race early the following morning.


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Lineup for GP Mojados 2017 - Valladolid














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