Having a break up the mountain

Keeping the weight down – Newsletter 2

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I’m making 110% sure that my bike won’t have any problem for Sunday’s race. This week, I had to order a hanger online to replace the broken one, but it didn’t arrive until yesterday. Luckily my teammate, the young Alonso, had a spare one for me, as he has got the same frame as mine (Cube Race). I was very grateful and relieved that I didn’t have to wait long. I replaced the hanger on Monday, and since then it’s all running smoothly. So finger crossed for the race on Sunday!

The following Sunday, I was supposed to be racing the Olias Industrial race where I came 26th last year, but now I’ve been chosen for another Copa Espana race (Cup of Spain) instead, as the manager Ivan David wants strong riders in order to finish the race to achieve points for the team classification. I Finished in top 3 of the team twice in last weekend’s races , so I assume that I could be selected for the whole series of the Copa Espana (9 races) if I keep up similar results or better, which is good for me as the Copa Espana is the highest level of amateur racing in Spain.
I decided to weigh myself this morning. From being sleepy, to fully-energised with wide eyes open when I saw the digits… ‘70.5 kg’! I haven’t weighed this low for around 5 years, no kidding! Last year for the whole season I weighed 75-77kg. I didn’t starve myself as that’s just ridiculous, and it’s also damaging to your health, but I’ve just been eating pure and clean since I arrived in Spain – you wouldn’t believe how much rich, broccoli and spinach I’ve been eating! Soon, I will talk about my daily diet, but what I can tell you now is that I only spend 20€ a week on food, and that includes making my own energy bars.

Yesterday was a good day for me… I paid the first month’s rent from my own money that I earned from working! I’m feeling good about it, I’m becoming more used to taking responsibility, it’s a great challenge! My work is going well, and the children I’ve been working with are great fun. One of the parents told me that their children always felt happier every-time after I teach them. So it’s a good start already.

The race on Sunday is 170km long, the longest race that I have ever done in my whole career. It’s a flat race with a long ‘wall’ of a steep climb, similar to my local Paul hill, in Newlyn, Cornwall , but longer. Not only that, but we will go around 7 laps. It usually finishes in a bunch sprint, but with a reduced field, as the climb can cause the suffer riders to being dropped on every lap. So positioning in the peloton is very important for the climb.


I’ve made a Youtube video this week, ‘Riding To The Mountain’. My goal is to keep making videos every week to keep you all updated.

Hasta la vista!







Having a break up the mountain







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