GP Primavera de Ontur

LXIV GP Primavera Ontur

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The 159km race was based in Ontur, Alicante. It was indeed another warm day, but a bit cooler than it was in Zamora on Sunday, or probably my body is already adapting to the heat. It was definitely different compared to last year when it was heavy rain all day. But it was harder too, due to more teams racing, and the strong wind.


It was very sketchy at the beginning, it was very hard to fight to stay at the front. The peloton split, and my teammate Slahde was in the first group, so I eased up and stayed with the peloton.

I did not expect that we would catch them, as this race normally works for the breakaway, but in the peloton one of the teams were working like hell, and combined with the strong wind it was difficult for the break to stay away, so eventually they were caught. When we caught them, I began moving myself to the front ready for a break, but unfortunately some rider in front of me was looking back, then he touched wheels with another rider, which caused him to swerve across my front wheel, and down I went!


It wasn’t so bad when I fell, but the worst part was my lower back got rammed very hard by a rider behind me. I was really angry and I wanted to give up at that moment. Someone from the neutral service car wanted to put my bike aside after seeing me injured, but I couldn’t let him do that, so I grabbed the bike and got on it. Then Ivan David gave me a push and encouraged me to keep fighting. I was kicking myself, and I was shouting and moaning while chasing the peloton. I could feel a massive pain in my lower back, but it only hurt when I stopped pedaling.


I took a deep breath and tried to become calm, then everything disappeared. My uncontrollable emotions vanished. That was when I was back in action. I caught the peloton, but soon after that, the race was stopped due to the breakaway going the wrong way! It happened on a long straight open road, with a really strong headwind.
After the race was restarted, the peloton was taking it easy, in preparation for the climb, and my back was hurting me. So I attacked without thinking, which helped to ease the pain. I went on solo, and the headwind was really strong! I didn’t stay out long, and they caught me on the climb.
After the climb, the peloton was scattered apart due to the crosswind, and I was in a bad place. I was overtaking riders and had to bridge the gap. When we made a group behind the peloton, we were fighting hard to get back. Then the group got scattered apart, same as the peloton ahead. It was very messy.


I continued to keep fighting. All my teammates were behind me, I was on my own. I knew I had to keep fighting to satisfy my team director Ivan David. He ordered me to attack in the last 2km, I agreed. But I attacked in the last 10km, because at that time the group was going slow and I noticed that they didn’t have that much energy to chase anyone down. So I went off solo to catch a rider ahead of me, I caught him, we worked together, then a group behind me caught us, and we worked together nicely. At the finish I tried to contest the sprint in my group, but I didn’t have the legs for it.


I crossed the line in 43rd position out of 200 riders, at 3min-13sec behind the winner. This is my best result so far this year, and already I’m looking forward to the race on Sunday, knowing that my performance is good, and I’m aiming for better results.



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