Memorial Pascual Momparler - Villanueva de Castellón

V Memorial Pascual Momparler – Villanueva de Castellón

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After a long drive from Madrid we arrived at the hotel near Valencia, which was very nice. All the teams who were participating in the race today stayed at the same hotel. The hotel served incredible food in the buffet, and I had to force myself to stop overeating, as did my teammates!

But the timing wasn’t good, as dinner was at 9pm, and also breakfast was at 6am, and on top of that we had to move the clocks forward, so the length of sleep was only 6 hours for us, with full food in our bellies.

I wasn’t hungry at all when I woke up in the morning, but I needed to eat for the race. Especially with it being a tough mountain race, with 3 major climbs, as well as many more smaller climbs. Last year this race was a circuit with pave cobblestone, but unfortunately they changed the course this year to an epic 152km continuous mountain race!


In reality, the race was was much harder than I thought it would be when I first viewed the profile.We were supposed to have a 5 minute neutralised zone, but that never happened! so with the tailwind, cold legs, and the pace right from the start being furiously fast, It took a huge effort just to stay with the peloton and not get dropped.


The pace was fast for 30km before the 10km climb, as the major teams hammered out the speed. The 10k climb suited me well, not steep, just a nice gradual ascent. Many riders were dropping, and the pace was still going fast. I stayed with the peloton over the climb, which was a success for me.


After the next few climbs, I was slowly dropped, along with my teammate Alonso. We were in a big group, and the pace of the peloton was still totally furious. Then the next main climb was absolutely insane, and everyone had kept telling me that the climb is very very steep, which I thought is probably similar to a normal mountain. But they were right, it was insanely steep! So steep that I had to grind for 6km… total torture, especially on a 25 cassette!



On another climb, my teammate Alonso attacked. I attacked and attempted to bridge to him and stay with him. The gap between us was the same as the distance from the bottom to the top of the climb. We already had 2 teammates ahead in a different group, so I was fighting for a team classification.


Alonso caught 2 riders near the top, so it was a 3 man group after the climb, which now made it more difficult for me to bridge the gap to them. I regretted not following Alonso when he attacked, then it would have been good. After going solo for a long time, suddenly 3 riders passed me while holding onto a team car! One of them was the same rider who cheated in my 2nd race. That guy!

Ultimately, I missed the classification for my team. The group I attacked from earlier caught me and we were working together to the finish, but we missed the time cut so myself and 86 other riders were classified as ‘dnf’.



Today has been the hardest race this season so far. The climbs were too much for me, although my climbing skills are improving, but today’s race was for pure mountain climbers. The course was extreme, with deep gorges and tight twisty roads with no barriers. On one of the technical descents, two riders went off a small bridge with no barriers, and it looked quite bad when I passed them. They were being attended by the emergency services, so I hope they are ok.


My teammate Ignacio came 53rd, just outside of top 50! Very close! That’s the team goal, to get in the top 50 at the Copa de Espana. It’s good to see the team is getting closer to achieving decent results after a poor start. Good things will come!


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Memorial Pascual Momparler - Villanueva de Castellón








Memorial Pascual Momparler - Villanueva de Castellón







Memorial Pascual Momparler - Villanueva de Castellón










Memorial Pascual Momparler - Villanueva de Castellón
























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