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Cube Agree Race Frame

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I’ve been racing the Falco Peregrine Hi-Mod frameset for the last two seasons. It’s been an excellent frame, light, stiff, responsive, solid in the bottom bracket area, and just about as strong as you can get as I’ve put it through the paces of both races and training, practically non-stop for two years.Cube Agree Carbon Frame

But I’ve grown a few centimetres in that two years so I need something a little larger. The length of the Falco is still just about right for me but I definitely needed a bit more height in the frame.Cube Agree Race Bottom Bracket area

I have a very limited budget for equipment due to most of my budget being swallowed up by the race calendar, mainly on fuel and hotel costs, so I have to really shop around for my kit and think very carefully before making a purchase, and with this in mind I decided that my best bet was to pick something decent up that has been lightly used.

I came across a 2014 model Cube Agree ‘Race’ carbon frame without the forks. The frame was practically new, was perfect measurements size-wise and not only had the really chunky stiff bottom bracket area that I like, but it also had the standard seat tube, giving me a really wide choice of seat post types and length that I could go for.Cube Agree Race 2014

This was really important as the major flaw in the Falco frame was the custom seat tube shape and a weak seat tube area, with no third party seatposts available to fit the frame.Cube Agree Race 2014

The Cube frame will allow me to experiment with both carbon and aluminium seat posts and strike a good balance between the stiffness that I’m after without loosing too much ride comfort. The thin carbon post on the Falco gave a large amount of flex while I was powering down sat in the saddle so I’m looking forward to working with a stiff aluminium post to see if I gain any power transfer.

Cube Agree Race 2014Like the Falco frame, the Cube has internal cable routing, which while not essential, is pretty good and easier to clean after wet muddy races. I’m not much of a ‘gear head’, I just like something that’s strong, stiff and light and can stand the knocks of racing, being thrown in the back of the car with loads of bags, wheels and tools.Cube Agree Race 2014

I would like to set the frame up with Dura Ace groupset as even my old Dura Ace 7800 kit walks all over my Ultegra 6700 in terms of ultra-smooth and fast shifting.

But it will depend on finding some 7900 shifters and mechs at a decent price in good nick. If I manage to do that then my Ultegra 6700 groupo will go onto the aluminium training bike that I’m building up. In the meantime I’m still on my Falco, but I’ll post it up here as I build the Cube up.


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