New website up and running

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My new website is now up and running. Just a few minor tweeks needed but it’s in a readable state, and my main reason for launching the website separate from my blog pages is to try and make an in-road into raising some sponsorship to develop my racing schedule and make the jump into Europe. Living in the far south west of England is a bit of an obstacle in my cycling career, costing on average over £2,100 per year for a season of 19 races, and that’s just for race fees, fuel/travel and accommodation. The long distances required to travel to even smaller races make it cost-prohibitive to partake in a high caliber race season, so racing Europe is the logical solution.

Ideally I would like to join a European team to gain some experience in racing in Europe, or alternatively secure some sponsorship and race in Europe solo. My website is my first step in getting the word out there and you can check it out at

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