Catching the train to Fuenlabrada

Race 14 – XXXVI Trofeo Peña Ciclista Paloma, Fuenlabrada

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Today’s race was the  Trofeo de la Paloma on the outskirts of Madrid. I took a train with my bike to Fuenlabrada this morning, a journey which takes about 40 minutes, so I didn’t have to take a big race bag with me. The race was 91.5km of a 3km road circuit, so basically it was like a long crit, and this was the shortest race that I’ve done yet in Spain. It was flat with two very short climbs and I liked it.


Our team goal was to win the race, I was confident about it and my tactic was to stay in the peloton until the last few km where I could launch an attack. It was not even halfway through the race when I was instructed attack, so there was four of us in the group and we made a big gap. But the race still had more than an hour to go and I knew it was too early for me, but I had already made the choice so I had to stick with it.


After leading with a big gap, one of the teams in the peloton started working to chase us down. I encouraged my breakaway companions to push harder, and after a long breakaway the peloton was getting closer, so I attacked solo from the group and dropped the three riders. My teammate launched an attack from the peloton to join me and then we were working together, but it didn’t last very long, as the peloton were refusing to give up. Once the peloton caught us, the team who was chasing us down had blown themselves up and didn’t have any legs to chase the others down, so it was all bad timing.


I stayed with the peloton to the finish where I tried to contest the sprint, but I didn’t have the legs, so I managed to finish in 19th place in the main bunch, at 26 seconds behind the winner. One of my teammates Jose Nehme finished in 6th position, at 11 seconds behind the winner, after putting in a late attack on the last lap – and other another of my team mates Carlos Lopez finished in front of me in 15th place at the same time as me, 26 seconds behind the winner. My team finished in 3rd place classification so we came away with something good.


It could have turned out different, but nevertheless it was a fun race, and I know that I was strong out there and I am continually improving.


This week is going to be my rest week, with three days of two hours active recovery rides, as I’ve got loads of upcoming races. So I won’t have any excuse to get a sun tan on my pure white upper body, to match my lovely mucky brown arms and legs!





Catching the train to Fuenlabrada



Pre race



Ivan gives the pre-race talk



On the start line



Finish line

Photos: Alvero Garcia/Pizzeria Espanola



Video: Equipo EC Cartucho



Video: Equipo EC Cartucho



Video: Equipo EC Cartucho



Results sheet













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