Injured in the team car

Race 16 – Championship Trophy Madrid, Escribano Memorial

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This week we took the 1 hour drive up to Alcala de Henares to race in the Campeonato de Madrid-Memorial Escribano. I was feeling in good shape for this race, and although I slipped back in the bunch on the major climb, I still kept in touch, and when we reached the top I launched a calculated attack, but then hesitated when I discovered that one of my team mates was up ahead in a successful break.

It was this hesitation at high speed that caused a momentary lack of concentration as I looked back to see who was jumping onto my wheel. I hit the barrier at high speed and took a major fall, breaking my forks, smashing my wheels and taking some heavy road rash injuries, including a deep cut on my hand.

It was a shame as I was really going strong in this race, but it was my fault, and it meant that I had to spend the night in the hospital, and I was really gutted that I had to miss the following day’s race (LVIII Trofeo San Juan Y San Pedro) up in the Basque country, due to my injuries.

You can read about my injuries and recovery here >

I would like to thank my team and my team mates for all their help, support and assistance after my fall.

















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