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Race 17 – Vuelta a Segovia

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This week was the high-profile 3-stage race, the 54th Vuelta Segovia. I was coming off the back of a serious crash and my injuries last week, and my motivation was high but I was nowhere near in fully fit condition to be racing. Although a lot of my road-rash, cuts and grazes were healing, my hand is going to take longer to fully recover and there is a lot of pain in my shoulder from a torn ligament. There is no way that I can wear a race glove, as my finger is still bandaged, so I am really hampered at the moment from pain in my hand and shoulder when pressure is applied.


My bike was also wrecked in the crash last week. The forks were completely snapped and my Pro-Lite wheels were smashed, especially the front wheel which is beyond repair. I managed to get some new forks fitted and I have to use some training wheels until some new race wheels arrive.


On Monday was Stage 1. I was going ok in the race, not my best, but I did feel strong – and after my team mate was involved in a fall, I worked to help get him back to the bunch again.


But when we hit the pave (cobbles) in Segovia, I started to have problems with my saddle on the bike, which came loose, and my hand and shoulder was in agonizing pain under the vibration, and I had to ease off and was dropped from the peloton. This was at a crucial point in the race and I was unable to get back onto the peloton. Normally, I love the pave and I would usually gain an advantage at that point, but the pain was too much to bear. I missed the classification and thus I was eliminated from the rest of the tour, but it was probably just as well, as looking at it realistically I haven’t yet recovered from my big crash, and my form has been affected. Nevertheless, the team put in a good performance.


For the rest of the tour, on stage 2 and stage 3, I  rode in the team car and helped the staff support the riders. The boys put in some really strong performances, with Ignacio finishing 17th overall in the GC, just 54 seconds down on the winner. Ignacio also finished within the top 10 of U23 GC – with Antonio Gomez finishing 30th  and Antonio Olivares finishing 69th in the overall GC. A great performance for the guys!


We went back home on the Wednesday, and the team has three races at the weekend, but I will will be missing the race on Saturday as I need to try and recover my injuries some more, and I will commence racing on Sunday and Monday.


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Stage 1

Fotos: Alvaro Garcia/Pizzeria Espanola






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