Race 21 – XI Vuelta a Sevilla

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This week was a heavy weekend’s racing with a lot of travelling. First, on Friday we took the long journey down to Seville for the Vuelta a Sevilla two day stage race, and being in southern Spain, it was even hotter than Madrid!


Stage 1 (Saturday) – XIV Clásica Santa Ana:

Stage 1 was a 131Km flat race with only a small amount of climbing. My plan was to position myself at the head and contest the first prime sprint, then get in the break to maybe start something off for one of my team mates. All was going to plan, and I was positioned well and working at the front of the group. I attacked for the prime sprint, but it was a disastrous mistake, as my team mate who interprets the rider’s briefing had forgotten to tell me that the commissar had moved the prime sprint to another location due to road construction works!

It was a real shame, as I had it set up perfect to win the first prime, and I spent a lot of energy in the process! By the time we reached the climb, I had used so much energy in the sprint that my legs were gone for the climb, so I had to drop back to recover. I was now off the back of the peloton, but I managed to regroup with some riders and we started working together to catch the peloton. The race referee then pulled up alongside us and told us we were out of the race, but my team mate Carlos told him we could catch the peloton – so we set off in pursuit of the main bunch. I was the biggest rider there so I did most of the work to pull our group back into the race, and we eventually caught the peloton. We went for the bunch sprint at the finish, with a possible top twenty, but we found out after the race that we were not classified.

During the race my gear shifter developed a fault, so I was unable to select a high gear, and I had to spin the pedals on the flat and descent. Not ideal. We tried to fix it after the race, but decided for stage two on Sunday I would ride the spare team bike instead.


Stage 1 Results Sheet >>





















Stage 2 (Sunday) – XVII Velá de Triana:

Today’s race was the mountain stage, and I was ok until we hit the big climb where I was straight off the back. I was declassified, but thankfully Ignacio was classified overall in the top 20 and my team were classified 8th overall which was a solid result for the team. Straight after the race we had to pack everything up and leave quickly, as we had a very long journey to our next race on the next day in Novelda, near Alicante.


Stage 2 Results Sheet>>

Overall Classification >>























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