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Race 23 – Vuelta a Toledo, trofeo Bahamontes

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Stage 1 (Saturday 6th August) – 148Km Flat-ish

This week we traveled the short journey south of Madrid to the two stage Vuelta a Toledo. On Saturday, the race was 150km, flattish with a couple of 3rd cat climbs. The constant crosswinds were a huge factor in the outcome of the race, and several of the top Spanish U23 racers were racing too, so I knew it was going to be a hard race. I wanted to be more aggressive by putting in some attacks, and it was also really hot, around 40 degrees, which wasn’t really a surprise considering it is August in Madrid!


From the start of the race there were repeated aggressive attacks, and I was in good position all the way, but the constant crosswinds created the echelon in the peloton, and it was very difficult trying to get into a slipstream and stay out of the wind.


There were crashes in the race, including one which caused the race to be stopped for 30 minutes, and riders were taken to hospital. Another crash happened as the road narrowed as we entered one of the villages, and there was a massive pile-up, with the rest of the peleton squashed behind and unable to move. As I managed to push my way through the squash, there were tangled riders screaming in pain, it was totally messed up.


At the halfway point of the race I put some full power attacks in, but I forgot that the big teams always totally sacrifice themselves to support their leader, so I retreated back into the peloton to save the legs for later. It makes me really angry when trying to solo attack against a team, and I look to my side and see one of the domestiques totally burying himself for his leader, his face all screwed up in pain and contortions, with his only aim to neutralize any attack. Frustrating!

I put in several attacks. At one point there was around 10 riders in the break, so I attacked to bridge the gap, and a rider behind jumped on my wheel, so we worked together to make it a success. It almost worked, and we were nearly catching the break, but the Caja Rural team totally sacrificed themselves to pull us back in – and when they had neutralised our attack, everyone just eased off.


With less than 20km of the race remaining, I was struggling to hold on during more crosswinds, when two riders ahead of me crashed and caused a split in the peloton. I was at the rear of the split so I found myself in the back group. There was no way we could catch the peloton as it was going at high speed.


We crossed the line 5 minutes behind the peloton. I was glad that the race was over and I was in still the overall classification so that I could race on Sunday.


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Stage 2 (Sunday 7th August) – 105Km Mountains

The second stage was short (105km), but with four big climbs. I thought that my legs were good after a long comfortable sleep, but I was wrong, as I was quickly out of touch as we went up the second climb, when the climbers were on full gas all the way to the top. I was hanging on, hanging on, hanging on… then BOOM, my legs were seized up and my heart rate was shooting up off the scale. I wasn’t the only one, as there were many riders who were really struggling. We made a group together and tried to catch the peloton, but it didn’t work, and we were off the back.

In the end, I was stood at the podium presentation, watching the winning rider celebrate his victory. I was gutted I couldn’t be up there. I have to keep going and look forward to the next race.

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