Penzance Wheelers Time Trial Team 2015

SAW Cornwall Championship TTT

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I was asked to be a part of the Penzance Wheelers time trial team for the Cornwall Championship, a 25 mile 4-up TTT put on by the St Austell Wheelers on the S100 course at Roche.

At present I have no TT equipment, and recently Martyn Lewis had loaned me his Cervelo P3, but this time Damien Ayling kindly loaned me his Giant TT rig including his Fast Forward wheelset. Tom Gilbert kindly loaned me a skinsuit and I went non-aero with my Giro roadie helmet.

Damien’s Giant is a cracking rig, but compared to to P3 the frame was slightly too small for me. I raised the seat up but the bars stayed as they were, so I was a bit cramped but still felt good and I was ready to wing it.

The team was myself, Cornish cup champion Sandy Gourley, Tom Gilbert and Gary McCallum. We had just one training run up at the Leedstown course, then we rolled up early morning at Roche for the event.

We really smashed it on the A30 dual carriageway, winning the chamipnship with a ride of  51.07, with our nearest rivals SAW clocking a time of 53.52 and Cyclelogic coming in third at 53.55.

I also managed to put Damien’s TT bike further through its paces at the Ladock 10TT on the S6 course, not beating my personal best but setting a decent time. I reckon if I could have set the bike up further with my normal 140mm stem for a long reach then I may have been able to put out a bit more power, but nevertheless it’s a great bike and I feel honoured that Damien entrusted me with it.

A great experience and one that I would like to repeat with these guys next season. Big thanks to Damien for loan of his rig, Tom for the skinsuit and all the lads for giving me the opportunity and encouragement to participate.


PZW Time Trial Team at Roche


SAW 4-up 25TTT


Penzance Wheelers TTT Results Sheet


Sandy Gourley heads up the PZW TT Team


So Tom and Sandy at Roche 25TTT


Penzance Wheelers 2015 TT team


Sol on Damien Ayling's Giant TT rig


Cornwall Team Time Trial Champions 2015


Sol Warwick on the S6 10TT

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