Taking a Racing Break – Newsletter 11

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I’m taking  a short break from racing, to disconnect myself from the competition, as I need to rest my mind for a short while, to keep myself fresh for the rest of the season. I’ve been constantly training in the mornings and working in the afternoon & evenings during the week, and racing every weekend for the last 4 months, so I need a physical and mental breather, to recharge my batteries.

My work teaching English has been good, but tiring. I’ve got enough clients to work with to earn enough money to cover my rent and food. I could get more, but I don’t want to let work overtake my training, and want to leave a little bit of spare time for myself.

The weather is really hot now, and it’s only just beginning! This year I must prepare to look after myself more during the intense heat in the summer, as last year I suffered like hell! Since the air conditioner is expensive, I will need to buy myself a decent electric fan for sleeping. Recently, I’ve been troubled with the sleep due to the heat, and it’s difficult doing quality training when you’re not sleeping well.

The first part of the racing season has not been what I would have expected really, I would not say it was terrible, but I know I need to get much better results after my break. Some of my teammates have done well in races, and one of them almost got in the top 50 of the Copa de Espana (Spanish Cup) which would have been one of the best results for the team this year so far! My other teammate managed a 10th which is a fantastic result.

As may some of you may know, I’ve got a new race machine, a Giant Propel Advanced 2. All I can say is it’s bloody fast! The frame suits me well as I am a tall rider with long legs, and it doesn’t flex, but rather it is really stiff, which what I need. The bike has been quickly assembled, and it still needs to be adjusted as the set up is not quite perfect, like the setup on my training bike. I’m very much looking forward to use it in upcoming races in 2 weeks time! The full review of the bike will be coming up on YouTube shortly.
That’s it for now. I will keep you guys up to date on my progress, and hopefully you will see some success this summer!
Ciao chicos!








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