Testing at the Cornish Cup

The Cervelo P3

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I was on the Leedstown chain gang with some of the Kernow lads when Cycle Logic rider Martyn Lewis encouraged me to have a go at testing, generously offering to loan me his Cervelo P3 TT rig and his pointy helmet.On the chase of Tom & Sandy

I gratefully took him up on his offer and on a bright and breezy spring Sunday morning I headed off down towards the Lizard to Goonhilly to have a crack at the 10TT in the Cornish Cup.Good fit on the Cervelo P3

John Fazerkely kindly loaned me a Penzance Wheelers skin suit and I was ready to go. I had only previously done TT’s a handful of times on a road bike so this was my first crack on a proper rig.

I always thought that the aero advantage gained from skin suits and pointy hats was a load of old nonsense, but after talking to the TT lads I was becoming convinced that aero was the way to go.


First time out on a proper rig

I really enjoyed the experience and I was pleased with my time and third place behind heavy hitters Tom Gilbert on his huge custom chainring, and 4 times Cornish Cup winner Sandy Gourley (5th title inevitable this season).P3, skinsuit and pointy hat really do work!

I still had hold of Martyn’s Cervelo rig so I set a personal best on the S6 10 at Ladock before returning the bike to him. I felt so good on that frame, it was a good fit and my body position felt perfect, so I took a load of measurements, photos and videos so that I can achieve a similar spec setup when I build my own rig for the 2016 season (Minus the Cervelo P3 as it’s way out of my price bracket!).


Rider and Cervelo P3 in harmonyA big thanks to Martyn Lewis for encouraging and enabling me to give some proper testing a go and realize my enthusiasm and possible potential in that discipline.Martyn Lewis's Cervelo P3 rig... glorious

I was back on my road bike for the next couple of TT’s. I was looking forward to this as I would get an accurate picture of the difference between aero and non-aero after just coming off a top flight aero rig.


I did another Cornish Cup event, the PZW 19TT up at Leedstown. Although the difference in bikes was extreme, I set a good time and came 4th against mainly a field of pure testers on aero rigs. But the difference was huge.Sol testing on a road bike on the S6
I experienced a good example of how a fully kitted aero rider cuts through the air compared to a roadie with non-aero road racing kit.Sol testing on the road bike When part way up a long uphill drag I was quickly catching the aero rider in front of me, but once we went over the top and we hit the slight descent it was like I had hit a wall and he just sliced through the wind and pulled away. The aero benifits are huge.


I was very lucky to have my first TT on a Cervelo P3. It is a beautiful frame. Fantastic geometry and perfect for my body size, I really felt like I was part of the frame rather than just sat on it. I plan on building a budget TT rig over the winter and get some TT experience in next year. The tester guys are a great bunch, very friendly and have been really helpful and encouraging to me and I look forward to racing with them next year.

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