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Training, car wash and parcels – Newsletter 3

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As I am writing this blog, it’s raining hard outside, which I haven’t seen in a few weeks. I’m glad I went out this morning for 2 hours training before the rain, and then took my bike to the car wash. Speaking about the car wash, it only cost me 50 cents for a minute! I mean, that’s an absolute bargain for a minute wash! I usually spend 2€, although, that took ages before the water stopped.

And speaking about budgets, I spent my usual 20€ on food shopping this week, but I managed to buy more food than last week due to some special offers… a kilo of rice was up for 39 cents, incredible! So I swiped most of the packs of rice off the shelf into my basket with a huge grin on my face.
Anyway, on top of all that, I received a huge parcel from a benefactor this week… Some new cycling kit, accessories, and a big supply of High 5 race nutrition! Life is good!
My free time is getting shorter and shorter, with more clients coming in, and I feel that I don’t have enough time to do other things between my training and work. I’ve never been this busy before, so I am learning how to use my time wisely, and making sure that I don’t waste those seconds. I find it exciting and challenging, as I’m willing to learn something new every day.
Anyway, on Sunday it’s the Copa Espana (Cup of Spain) round 2, based in Villabona in the Basque Country… the toughest region for cycle racing in Europe! As expected, and as always, it’s going rain heavy, and the course has 8 mountain climbs. We haven’t seen the profile of the race yet, so hopefully we will see that tomorrow. All I can say is, it’s going to be brutal in the Basque Country, whilst the other squad of the team will be racing in Olias Rey, Toledo, with a bit of warmth, sunshine, and no mountains. Plus, it’s only less than an hour away from Madrid. It sounds like a freaking luxury race compared to the Copa!
Nevertheless, as always, I’m really looking forward it. I’ve trained very well this week. I have processed my mistakes from last Sunday’s race, and I’m just wanting to get racing again already!
I was going to upload a YouTube video this week of the first Copa Espana race. I’m waiting for the whole video of the race to be uploaded on Youtube from TV. Should be uploaded on Monday.

Stay tuned amigos!



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