5 Hour ride completed

Typical Cornwall Training Weather

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I looked at the weather forecast last night and things did not look good. A 5 hour ride due in the morning, heavy rain and 55mph (90kmh) winds! But it’s got to be done. Other than my Castelli rain jacket, it’s pointless worrying about the rain, as whichever way you approach it, you’re going to get a good soaking. There’s no way around it.

Anyway, I managed to keep plugging away for 5 hours, but doing my sets was pretty much impossible as all my concentration was used in just keeping the bike on the road!

Still, this is the UK weather for you, and it will be good to get back out to the milder climate in Spain in February.


Storm in Cornwall



Flood warnings in the South West!



Cleaning the bike after 5 hour ride



Castelli Jacket does the job



Castelli is a good breathable rain jacket






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