Back in Cornwall

Back home in Cornwall

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It’s that moment when you think, “Damn son, it’s off season already?”


Well, here I am back home in Cornwall. So far the weather has been pretty mild, but at the moment it’s the calm before the storm.


It’s not that long ago since I came back from Madrid, when it was still quite warm with blue skies. After leaving Madrid I flew to London first for a 1-week stay at my generous friend’s house, as I was still competing in the last 2 races of the season.
On 4th November I raced at London veo Valley Park, which was an Elite crit, and it turned out well, I finished 4th after sprinting for 3rd place. I was chuffed with that, and I was ready for the following day’s Elite road race.


The Sunday’s race was 62 miles, but very hard. About halfway through the race, I was in a long breakaway attack with another rider. I was fighting for the win, but unfortunately I had a rear puncture. I was pretty peed off, but at the same time, I know that I was very strong for this late in the year, so I finished the season with a high hope for 2018.
I’ve made a decision… I’m happy to return to race in the UK as an independent rider with my local club, the Penzance Wheelers. I need to get a load of points on my race license, as I missed out on the UK points when I was racing in Spain.


After gaining a ton of experience racing and living in Spain, I now need to work my way up the UK categories. Pizzeria Espanola has been great to me. I’ve enjoyed every second being with them. Pizzeria Espanola are like a family, and I thank all the guys, from my heart. It’s sad for me to leave, but it’s not the end of my relationship with them.


I would also like to thank my sponsors, donators and helpers who made it possible for me to race in Spain for the last two seasons, especially the Penzance Wheelers, who helped to fund my 2017 season, giving me the opportunity to live and race in Spain.
I’ve already made plans for 2018, but firstly, I need to get a job!


I’ve got myself a new coach, and I have a lot of trust in him, and we believe I can make a huge improvements with him. I’m very excited and looking forward with a new goal!

I will keep you guys updated with blogs and YouTube videos!

Adios for now!




Back in Cornwall