2018 is here!

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Here we are again, the time when everyone has a motivation to chase their goals. Then after the weeks go by, it’s easy to lose sight of their goals due to lack of motivation, and then they stop. It’s difficult, and we’ve all experienced that…

That’s why ‘motivation’ doesn’t exist in my dictionary. The one word we should use is ‘commitment’. It’s a pretty straightforward definition of ‘commitment. No matter how uncomfortable it is, we should commit. Commit to that, commit to this! It’s all about commitment, so I wish you all good luck to chase your new goals this year with your willpower on commitment!


Anyway, it’s feeling a bit strange not going back to Spain this year. I will taste the different way of racing in UK. However, I won’t be  just competing in the South West of England, I will be travelling a lot, and I aim to compete where the mass of races are. I am really looking forward to it, as I have been training solid with a new coach in the past month. I won’t be racing until maybe late March, which gives me more time to train and have a strong start to the season.


The weather we have been having wasn’t that bad… but that’s me saying it, so maybe it has been bad. In fact, I have enjoyed training in the typical Cornish weather. I don’t mind the rain and wind. I also like it when it’s 8 degrees or more, so it has been pretty much perfect for me. However, the most annoying part of this weather is having to keep putting newspaper in the shoes almost every day, to let them dry for the next day!


In this weather I should have been riding on my winter bike. Well, not yet. I had to keep dragging the poor racing bike out in the horrendous weather, and I always feel bad every time I ride it. But the winter bike build is almost completed, I just need to get the wheel set, then I can bash it however I like!


That’s pretty much all for now. Soon I will be uploading some stuff on YouTube! Stay tuned!




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