Thank You

Thank you greatly to those of you who have supported me, either via a donation, my GoFundMe page, as a sponsor with goods or services, or simply by helping me out in some way or other – it is really appreciated, and it is helping enormously with the logistics of allowing me to race in Spain. Please return to my blog to read my updates throughout the season as I publish them, and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google +.


My Goals

My long term goal is to progress to the professional level of cycle racing, and to reach that goal incurs a lot of expense in not only equipment and race fees, but in extensive travel, accommodation expenses, nutrition, coaching, insurance and licensing. Currently I self-fund my cycling career and I only barely manage to maintain the high costs involved, so I am seeking sponsorship, assistance, support and donations of any size, no matter how small.


Sponsor me

If you would be able to sponsor my career in any way, whether financially or through donation of equipment or insurance, no matter how small, then please contact me and I will make sure that your company logo, brand and information is promoted throughout my activities.


Support me

Alternatively, I am extremely grateful for any financial assistance, no matter how small, and if you would like to make a contribution to supporting my cycling career then please don’t hesitate to type in the amount and click the ‘support Sol’ button below. Even if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can still click this button and donate using your credit or debit card. Even very small amounts are really appreciated, for example, an innertube costs me around £4.00, and i can use up to an average of 20 innertubes in a season of racing, so as I’m sure you can appreciate, every little helps 🙂


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