Penzance Wheelers at Davidstowe Road Race 2018

Podium at Davidstow Road Race

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Well, it’s that start of season thing going on again! and I’m excited to be back in action racing in England with two years of Spanish racing experience under my belt.


My training has been hard and brutal during the long cold winter, and due to budget constraints I had to start my racing later than normal this season. But luckily a friend offered me a job recently, so I’ve been booking more races and looking to building up a race calendar.


Last week I kicked off my season in the Brentor RR over in Devon. The race went well, but I knew my legs needed more race speed. I attacked on the last lap to bridge a gap to the solo breakaway ahead, and when I caught him, we were so far ahead of the main group that we eased up, getting ready for a sprint, which was a big mistake for me, as I should have attacked again. So I just missed out on a first place finish in the sprint to the line.


Yesterday I raced a crit at the Wheal Jane circuit near Truro. During the race, I attacked and made a break with 2 other riders as we attempted to catch the solo break. On the final lap, one of the riders put in a massive attack, but I stayed with him and beat him in the sprint. It was a fun little race.


Today was a big test for me as my race legs begin to warm up. The race was in Davidstow near Wadebridge. It was a 2/3/4 race with a rolling course.

The race was 50 miles (83km), with a long steep climb to the finish. It was good to have my club mates Matt Berriman and Josef Fitzgerald-Patrick in the race. We need to get more Penzance Wheelers back into racing!


During the race, I made 2 attacks, but there were some riders in the bunch willing to work hard to catch us. Around halfway through the race, a rider attacked solo, which would ultimately be the winning break. The peloton kept going full gas and eased off repetitively, giving an advantage to the rider ahead.


Just before the last lap on the main climb, I attacked from the bottom, as I wanted to make the gap as big as possible when I reached the top. I went full power on the long steep climb, and one rider joined me. I had made a big gap from the main bunch, and my aim was to catch the lead rider, who had made a gap of over one minute.


The rider who was with me did a bit of work but he couldn’t maintain the speed on the flat, but he was fast up the climb. Mind you he was a little rider, so I was putting a lot of effort into staying away from the chasing peloton behind.


On the final climb, we had closed the gap, and the lead rider was in our sight, but my legs were done and began to sieze up. My breakaway companion attacked and dropped me by a few metres. I couldn’t hold on, so I crossed the line in 3rd place.

The guy who finished in 2nd was very fair and offered his respect that I did all the work to made the break successful. It was a good comment from him and really appreciated. This race has definitely been my best one yet, and I’m happy with my race legs, even though I still need a bit more of speed!


Also a mega well done to Penzance Wheelers Josef and Matt for finishing the race. They did a superb job.


My next race is the  Totnes Vire 2 Day Stage race, which is an elite race, so should be a great weekend!


Stay tuned. Peace out!







Davidstow Road Race 2018




Davidstow Road Race 2018




Davidstow RR Organiser Dan Benford presenting the prizes




Podium Ceremony - Davidstow Road Race 2018




Penzance Wheelers at Davidstowe Road Race 2018