XXIX Trofeu Fira d’Agost de Xàtiva – Valencia

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I was racing 3 days ago when I became ill, and I spent the following day in bed. I haven’t been able to ride the bike since the race, although I’m feeling a lot better, but a bit weak. I wasn’t really fit enough to race today, but I helped the team, as today’s race in Valencia is an important race for the team.


We took the long drive out to Xativa yesterday and stayed overnight ready for today’s race, the Trofeu Fira d’Agost de Xàtiva in Valencia. I planned to just keep my head down and finish the race, which I did for the first part of the race, staying with the peleton over the first five category 3 climbs. The Peloton broke apart on the main climb and I was in a good position in the 2nd group after the climb. Through the tough mountain terrain I stayed up the front with the big riders.


Initially, the group was very big, but gradually it was getting smaller as riders dropped off with the high pace on the climbs. The temperature was very high, around 40 degrees, and my body was cooking. My group was very big, but the heat was taking it’s toll, and eventually we got pulled out due to the time split with the lead group. In a way, it was good for me that this happened, due to recovering from illness, and I have to travel to a 2 stage race tomorrow and Sunday, so this helped me.


Actually I was quite happy with my performance today, as I climbed well, and I seem to be recovering from illness quickly. Also, today we didn’t have a director or a team car, so I had to mentally manage my race carefully and get water from other team cars, which I managed ok. I kept myself in a good position and didn’t waste energy


I hope I have leggs for stage 1 of the Vuelta Avila tomorrow, as the stage looks very tough with some huge climbs!






























The race gives 1 minute silence, in respect of Barcelona